I’m so happy my boys finally made it to the playoffs. sorry I’m not sorry I’m going to gloat about this all month. #baseball #nationals #wsh #nlds #sundayfunday (Taken with Instagram)

If the Royals win tonight it will make my day. MIGUELLLL! #Kansascity #royals #baseball #Yankees can go up a creek (Taken with instagram)


Zack Hample, from New York, is a baseball fan and bawl hawk – he’s great at catching and stealing balls. But Zack isn’t an ordinary ball hawk, because no one else boasts a collection as impressive as his: more than 5,800 balls, both home runs and fouled balls. The way he goes after balls at matches can be characterized as almost professional.

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Simply: The Asshole you want to punch in the face at every baseball game. 

I scored about four packs of 2011 topps cards at a Rite Aid closing. Sometimes I’m lucky to get one card I like and this time virtually all of them were great. Three Tulowitzki cards is nothing to sneeze at either.


In honor of opening day.


watching Bill Murray sing take me out to the ballgame for the Cubbies right now. Chicago baseball has amazing fans. I still call it the Comiskey.

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Ryan Zimmerman Walk-off Grand Slam

His face when hes coming into that hug and the boys pranking on him. I love this team.


This needs a sassy caption.  C’mon Phumblrs help me out.

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    “oh I dont even remember my time with you philly, I have a new man his name is Ryan and he went to UVA he does charity work and knows the president”

Thanks for starting the rally tonight Werth, I love you forever and always.

Remember that time Desmond actually got on base then Lannan hit a homer?

Yeah I do, it was the best thing I’ve seen from this team all summer. We’re turning this around today.

Remember that time Vin Scully called Roger the Shark Bernadina, Bernadino for the opening inning?

I do, it was today.

Why is Cliff Lee such an ass?

"If I had been pitching with the Indians that year we would have won the world series"

Douchebags don’t skank away from their team and then come back just because you think they’re finally good enough for you. I do not understand how any true Phillies fan can like him.

I just used the oven and the microwave as an analogy for the AL and the NL

They both do the same thing but they’re two different things.

This is difficult.

Sir James Gingerbeard intently watching a game at a stadium that we now hate. I cuffed his shirt and shorts to make him look more like his idol camp counselor Michael McDonald from yacht rock.


Not enough people say that out loud.