Can’t wait till Kemp wins the MVP now.

I forgot to use the Cy Young as another time to say Cliff Lee is overrated. Seriously, no one voted him first. That is a prime example of how over hyped he is. I want to give the person who put him in fifth place a high five because they are my only hero. I miss saying Halladay, celebrate.

Why is Cliff Lee such an ass?

"If I had been pitching with the Indians that year we would have won the world series"

Douchebags don’t skank away from their team and then come back just because you think they’re finally good enough for you. I do not understand how any true Phillies fan can like him.

Oh no, flying wood!

Something Cliff Lee is used to.

Thank you Gonzalez. For showing how bad Cliff Lee really is.

As James puts it. Overrated.