I scored about four packs of 2011 topps cards at a Rite Aid closing. Sometimes I’m lucky to get one card I like and this time virtually all of them were great. Three Tulowitzki cards is nothing to sneeze at either.


I’m near positive I just saw the dad from Phil of the Future and other acting ventures in the lobby of the CSULB library. He noticed me noticing him. Then when I looked over my shoulder while in the line for Starbucks we met eyes again. I should have said something to him, but he had a group of people around him and it would have just been me going “whoa, you’re you, thats super cool, cool beans, you were great on that thing you did, thats cool.” And smiling a lot and being really friendly and mybe asking him to sign my notebook just to have it, but really making eye contact was enough for me. James and I get the opportunity to bother people that we love that are famous often enough that its nice when I can watch someone else’s awkward encounter with stardom. I think that only thing I have to say that struck me was when he and his group were walking out of the library I noticed he was really tall.

Like super tall.