I found another piece of Los Angeles in DC. I miss you @lacma #la #lacma #aiweiwei #zodiac @wustengrille

From the modern California exhibit at LACMA

Dying. Dead.

James and I went to LA on Friday, in the pouring rain, just because I wanted to go to Space 1520 and check out their flea market situation. The entire time were driving around town, looking for parking, checking directions, and yelling at buses he is waxing on about how hes never just seen a celebrity. And we’ve been going to Los Angeles and around the county proper for years now. We go to the flea market, it looks like a bomb went off, I grab two dresses and a scarf and we leave. While standing in line we accidentally separate these two asian women from each other and I try to tell James and not upset one of the women because shes on her phone and hasn’t really noticed shes not where she used to be. She realizes and moves around us. Then another young woman comes outside and hollers at the woman, now known to be her mother ‘Mom! I got lost in there! It’s crazy!’ and the woman says back ‘I know I just left because I couldn’t tell the difference, all the girls.’ The young woman replies ‘I know there are fuckin fifty little asian girls in black in there, everyone looks the same.’ 

Ironically, I’m staring at this girl because she looks familiar and sounds familiar. But shes so small and I’m going there’s no way I’m right. I joke to James that it’s Brenda Song, because that’s what we do. We see strangers and quietly praise them for how they look like their famous. How maybe they get a little ego boost every time someone falsely recognizes them.

In the end we leave laughing about it, the woman and her family get into her noticeably expensive Merc and I whisper/yell ‘I loved you in Get A Clue! That movie meant so much to me!’ James and I laugh and I say watch, I’ll remember and google her and she’ll have that car,she’ll have that purse.

To my credit, 24 hours later, I remember. I google. Brenda Song has that car, and that purse. We saw her, we saw Brenda Song in the flesh. I heard her swear and James finally has gotten his celebrity sighting. He just doesn’t know it yet because hes asleep and I’m too busy squealing inside to try to wake him.